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In which I meet fel­low trav­el­lers, and a friend­ship ensues

Being a shy fel­low, I received the last-minute news that there were two addi­tion­al guests on my walk­ing tour of Bar­ranco with a bit of trep­id­a­tion. Three or four hours not only with a tour guide I was unfa­mil­i­ar with but also with two oth­er guests? I need not have wor­ried. After an hour or so, the tour guide (Mau) left the three of us alone briefly. The more extra­ver­ted of the two oth­er guests turned to me and said, “You seem like a nice per­son!” which she imme­di­ately fol­lowed with “Is that a weird thing to say?” …


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Happy New Year!

I’m sorry not to have pos­ted for so long. tl;dr: Con­vales­cing takes patience, but all is well.

I’ve been home for three weeks now, and I’m very very happy to be here with my fam­ily and kit­ties. Gradu­ally over these weeks I’ve reduced the pain killers they had me take, and gradu­ally I’ve been able to expand what foods I can eat (almost any­thing at this point, but I need to be care­ful to eat it slowly and to not eat too much).…


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Thanks to you all

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’d like to repeat my thanks to each of you for your con­tinu­ing encour­age­ment and well wishes. This is drag­ging on longer than we had hoped, and it’s your cheers and whis­pers and mes­sages and poetry that is keep­ing us going.

I felt I needed to share an example of the lat­ter with every­one, from a whilom cowork­er not nor­mally known for his Nashi­an versification: .…


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Bumps in the road

Sorry for the delay in post­ing an update — it’s been a week­end of ups and downs. In short, everything related to the actu­al sur­gery is hunky-dory, but all the gen­er­al recov­ery stuff has been rough. There’s lots going on, but most of it isn’t really stuff I want to post about (end­less details about bod­ily flu­ids, their meas­ure­ment and pro­cliv­it­ies, that sort of thing).…


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